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The grounds for Slovene and international cooperation

Wine advisers, united under a renewed society, have intensified their activities visibly. The new organisational structure of Sommeliers, now united under the Sommelier Society of Slovenia, enables easier achievement of goals as well as the increase of recognisability and reputation of the sommelier profession. In 2010, the renewed Society continues implementing the mission of its predecessor, that is, the Society of Hospitality Workers.

The Society is composed of professional Sommeliers, some of whom are full members and some associate members. The latter can become supporters of Sommeliers, Caterers, Food and Beverage Managers, Cooks, Vintners and other interested persons. The guiding principles of the Society are cooperation and joint activities for the improvement of the situation in the Horeca and wine sectors. The seat of the Society is located at Dimičeva 13 in Ljubljana in the building of the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia. The Chairman of the Society, the work of which is directed by the executive board, is Robert Puklavec.

The main goals of the Society involve raising the level of table culture and wine culture. Wine advisers are responsible for the development of the Sommelier profession and for the promotion of new knowledge and skills in their everyday work and at meetings at both national and international levels. The activities of the Society represent a unique opportunity for exchanging expert opinions and for ensuring the progress of the Society. The Society members wear light green uniforms. They participate in important wine events over the entire region.

Traditional meetings take place at the beginning of the year at the Institut SloVino, in May in Kostanjevica na Krki, in June in Jeruzalem, in August in Gornja Radgona, in October in Maribor and in November in Ljubljana.

The executive board is already making plans for new attractive activities.

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